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A Case of the Missing Kamaboko
Japanese かまぼこ失踪事件
Romanji Kamaboko Shissou Jiken
Episode Info
Air Date November 5, 2010
Episode # Season 1, Episode 5
Previous The Secret of Baritsu
Next In Place of the Princess

A Case of the Missing Kamaboko is the fifth episode of the first season of Tantei Opera Milky Holmes.


While trying to rescue Kamaboko from traffic, Elly is saved by two girls named Mary and Kate. They are revealed to be thieves, who attempt to kidnap Kamaboko, but are halted when Milky Holmes spot them and, mistaking them for detectives, invite them in. However, they soon manage to escape with Kamaboko, plotting to torture him due to his resemblance to their old boyfriend. As Milky Holmes search for him, Stone River, Twenty and Rat find Mary and Kate and fight against them for disturbing their territory, but are overpowered by their toys. Mary and Kate nearly take Kamaboko again, but change their mind when he saves them from one of Rat's bombs.