An Unsuitable Job for Milky Holmes
Japanese Title  ミルキィホームズには向かない職業
(Mirukī Hōmuzu ni wa Mukanai Shokugyō)
Episode Season One
Episode 10
Airdate  December 10, 2010
Previous Episode MH's Tragedy
Next Episode The Grand Yokohoma Gorge of Fear

An Unsuitable Job for Milky Holmes is the first episode of the first season of Tantei Opera Milky Holmes.


An exam is coming up, but Milky Holmes don't study for it since they assume their Toys will come back, resulting in complete failure. They then hear about a robbery by Arséne, assuming it is the trial Holmes mentioned, only to find Stone River, Twenty and Rat fighting amongst themselves. When the thieves turn their attention towards Milky Holmes, they are beaten easily due to their Toys not working, forcing Kokoro to rescue them from an explosion. Henriette becomes frustrated at Milky Holmes' lack of progress and sets fire to their attic, declaring them expelled from Holmes Academy.

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