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Ayasa Itō
Ayase Itou.jpg
Kanji 伊藤 彩沙
Romanji Itō Ayasa
Gender Female
Birth Date August 17, 1996
Occupation Voice Actress
Height 150.3 cm
Bloodtype B
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Ayasa Itō (伊藤 彩沙 Itō Ayasa) was born on August 17, 1996 in Kyoto Prefecture, Japan. She voices Alice Myojingawa along with Aimi Terakawa who voices Kazumi Tokiwa who forms the singing duo unit, Milky Holmes Feathers for the Milky Holmes franshise. She is affiliated with the talent agency Hibiki.

Other Roles[]

She is also known for voicing:


Ayasa used to live in Kyoto, before moving to Tokyo after graduating high school in 2015. She played the piano ever since she was 3, but dropped it during first grade. She dropped her high school activities in 2013 in order to study acting seriously, eventually becoming president of the Theater Club and part of the school choir. In middle school, she was made to try a voice acting part in the NHK Studio Park, and aimed to become a seiyuu after being praised for doing a good job. In 2010, she tried out for the Milky Holmes Seiyuu Audition Tour, but was knocked out of the at the semi-finals in the Osaka auditions[1]

Ayasa made her debut after winning the role of Alice Myoujingawa in Futari wa Milky Holmes during the Milky Holmes Sisters Members Scout Audition on April 27, 2013. Together with Aimi, they formed the Feathers unit until their disbandment in 2019 and later moved on to become the original Poppin'Party members.

Personality & Hobbies[]