Candidate for Veggies
Japanese Title  野菜の果て
(Yasai no Hate)
Episode Season Two
Episode 1
Airdate  January 5, 2012
Previous Episode Farewell, Kokoro-chan. Long Goodbye Forever and Ever...
Next Episode Nice Sushi

Candidate for Veggies is the first episode of the second season of Tantei Opera Milky Holmes.


Milky Holmes have been neglecting their roles as detectives to tend to a vegetable farm they have been working on, which irritates Henriette who wants them to work on regaining their Toys. Noticing Henriette's depression, the Gentlemen Thieves take it upon themselves to get revenge on Milky Holmes by wrecking their vegetable farm, though this ends up evoking a murderous rage within them. After Milky Holmes are reminded about their roles as detectives, the matter is settled following a few explosions and Henriette's order to destroy the farm.

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