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The most moe detective group that you'll ever see.

H3 01.png Milky Holmes is a group of detectives containing four girls. Sherlock Shellingford, Nero Yuzurizaki, Hercule Barton, Cordelia Glauca. These four aren't your 'typical' detectives, each of them has a special power (usually referred to as 'Toys') which they use to fight the Gentlemen Thieves.

The girl detective group served their academy for a long time, leading them to be well-known and respected. All of their achievements, however, proved that they can win to any obstacle standing on their way-- friednship-wise and when it concerned their intelligence.

But when one day, all of them lose their precious Toys, they become the school's laughing stock; losing all their VIP privelages, even their beautiful suite, Milky Holmes has to face a huge challenge. Losing Toys might be easy but how about re-gaining them?

Worth noting is that in the anime Opera Kobayashi who guides Milky Holmes in the Visual Novel and is the main protagonist of it is not a character that features. He, however, is the one who runs the detective agency of Milky Holmes.

In Tantei Opera Milky Holmes 2 Visual Novel, a new female protagonist is introduced, her name being Ellery Himeyuri. She is put in charge of the detective agency after suddenly gaining Toys.

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