Colourful Garden
Colourful Garden cover
Kanji カラフル・ガーデン
Romanji Karafuru Gaaden
Translation Colourful Garden
Label Lantis
Release Date April 6, 2011
Disc Length 27 mins, 02 secs
Catalog # LACA-15110
Song Info
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Colourful Garden is the first mini-album of the Milky Holmes (unit). It was released on April 6, 2011.

Track listingEdit

  1. Koi no Chousa Houkokusho (恋の調査報告書) [4:02]
  2. Dream Nounai T.K.O!!!! (ドリーム脳内T.K.O!!!!) [4:19]
  3. Sore wa TOYS☆ (それはTOYS☆) [4:02]
  4. Gimme Milky (ぎみぃみるきぃ) [4:38]
  5. Neppuu Kairiku Bushiroad ~Atsuki Houkou~ (熱風海陸ブシロード〜熱き咆哮〜 Euro version)
  6. Tenohira no Kiseki (手のひらのキセキ) [5:01]
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