Tantei Opera Milky Holmes Wiki
Cordelia Glauca
Japanese コーデリア・グラウカ
Age 17
Gender Female
Birthday December 19
Hair Color Blonde
Height 161cm
Weight 47kg
Bloodtype O
Background Info
Eponym Cordelia Gray
Occupation Detective Student
Group(s) Milky Holmes
Toy Enhancing her senses
Media Portrayals
First Appearance' Moving into the Attic (anime)
Voice Actor Izumi Kitta

Cordelia Glauca (コーデリア・グラウカ) is one of the four main protagonists in Tantei Opera Milky Holmes. She often gets delusional concerning the relationship within the group.



Cordelia considers herself the eldest ‘sister’ of Milky Holmes almost to the point of paranoia, which explains her strange imaginings considering the relations in the groups and her overall efforts to keep them ‘healthy’. She is a little bit too overprotective of her friends linking to her image of a sisterly figure.

Her hobby is drawing and although lacking in extreme talent in it, she continues to draw pictures of Milky Holmes usually on flower fields, enjoying their time together. A theme which sticks with her throughout the series with her relating to flowers.

She has a tenancy to burst into singing her speech from time to time whether it is on a whim or on purpose is yet to be known. She cannot stand close dark places and sea cucumbers, but notably the dark. So much so that she will lose her mind and decimate the entire area of the things her hates even without the use of her Toy.

Cordelia's Toy is the ability to hear smell and see things what others could not, but since during the entire series she and the Milky Holmes crew's abilities are lost most of the time thus were never fully speculated. But during the few instances when it is used, it can be deduced that Cordelia's Toy is the ability that enhances her vision smelling and hearing allowing her the sensitivity to see smell and hear what other could not even to the extent of reading a trained swordsman like Stone River and see through the materialized illusions of Lady Arsene.

Though the entire series depict Milky Holmes to be less than competent in various aspects, innately Cordelia does have a monstrous burst of strength when she loses her mind, fast reflexes proof at the end of the first season being able to parry Stone River’s sword strikes with just a ceramic plate for a shield and comically during the midway of the second season, the ability to hypnotize everyone around her away from reality to a field of flowers when she and others are in despair.

Whenever she loses her mind after being exposed to the darkness, she usually becomes a rather perverted person, as shown when she strips Hercule Baton under the island where they and 3 members of G4 were separated from the rest of Milky Holmes.