Gentlemen Thief Empire
Gentlemen Thief Empire
Group Information
Faction Phantom Thieves
Leader Henriette Mystère
Josephine Mystère (game only)
Members Gentleman Thief L
Three Cards
Stone River, Twenty, Rat

The Gentlemen Thief Empire (怪盗帝国 Kaitou Teikoku) are a criminal faction of Gentlemen Thieves and prime rivals of the Milky Holmes quartet in the series franchise. Their leader is Lady Arsene who goes by the alias Henriette Mystere, the student council president of Holmes Detective Academy.

Their targets are usually gems and or treasures of great value. They uphold great pride in executing their actions with elegant style, never resorting to using brute force and mass destruction. But since Milky Holmes girls lost their Toys, they are now unrivaled in Yokohama save for the G4 police force who is always bested time and again. For that reason, unbeknownst to her minions, Arsene tries to make them recover their Toys and fight them again.

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