God of Lard
Japanese  ラードの神
Romanji Rādo no Kami
Episode Info
Air Date  March 15, 2012
Episode # Season Two, Episode 11
Previous Y.H. Confused?
Next The Return of Henriette
God of Lard is the eleventh episode of the second season of Tantei Opera Milky Holmes.


Wanting to create a world made entirely of lard, Buta attempts to steal the Legendary Lard, but Milky Holmes stands in his way. Meanwhile, Arséne, who is in London, encounters Sonia, who attempts to convince her that Milky Holmes haven't lost their way. As Buta manages to retrieve the Legendary Lard and starts absorbing lard from across the globe, Milky Holmes stand up to them and regain their Toys and work together to fight against Buta. Undeterred, Buta fuses himself with the lard he has amassed to evolve into a new form, but Arséne manages to get herself across the globe to stop him, allowing Milky Holmes to use Arsene Lupin's straw to defeat Buta and return the lard to its rightful place. As the true God of Lard takes away the evil Toys, Arséne reunites with the Gentlemen Thieves.

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