Got Vacation? Then Take It 2
Japanese Title  有給ある? さぁ取得すべく2
(Yūkyū Aru? Sā Shutokusubeku Tsu)
Episode Season Two
Episode 9
Airdate March 1, 2012
Previous Episode Isn't it Lovely?
Next Episode Y.H. Confused?

Got Vacation? Then Take It 2 is the ninth episode of the second season of Tantei Opera Milky Holmes.


Annoyed that the other G4 members are having a day off whilst she herself is stuck with paperwork, Kokoro enlists the help of Milky Holmes to annoy them. When they soon figure out her plan, she instead has Milky Holmes pose as the Gentlemen Thieves to steal a case from a group of policemen and lure G4 into action. As G4 discover the policemen are actually thieves, Milky Holmes discover a captured singer inside the case and are praised for her rescue. Meanwhile, Mori steals an interesting artifact.

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