Henriette Mystere


Miss Arsene

Japanese アンリエット・ミステール
Romanji Anrietto Misuteeru
Alter Ego Arsène (アルセーヌ)
Age 17
Gender Female
Birthday February 27
Height 164cm
Weight 51kg
Bloodtype B
Background Info
Eponym Arsène Lupin
Occupation Student Council President
Phantom Thief Leader
Group(s) Gentlemen Thief Empire
Toy Toys of Resplendence
Media Portrayals
First Appearance' Moving into the Attic
Voice Actor Satomi Akesaka
Henriette Mystère (アンリエット・ミステール) is the student council president of Holmes Detective Academy whose position is higher than the Headmaster's, thus her orders are absolute in the academy. She was responsible for the formation of the Milky Holmes Detectives to stop the Gentlemen Thief Empire.


Henriette is a caring woman that worries about the students of Holmes Detective Academy above all else. She's also severe and will do everything she can so the students end up being great Detectives that will be able to fight the strongest Gentlemen Thieves. Her greater hopes in this regard are Milky Holmes, but since they lost their Toys, they seem to have given up, so she puts them ultimatums so they start working hard again, remembering the pride of being a Detective.

Alter EgoEdit

Arsène (アルセーヌ) is the leader of the Gentlemen Thief Empire, the first organized group of Gentlemen Thieves.


Arsène's main trait is her pride. Not only she has pride in stealing and her way of doing it, but also in overcoming the hardships she finds while doing it. The only ones that have proven to be able to stop her are Milky Holmes, and she considers them her rivals. Her greater joy is fighting them. She's a woman that loves beauty, and therefore her crimes must be beautiful. She considers mysteries and enigmas beautiful and those who kill and cause unnecessary destruction unworthy of the name of Gentleman Thief.


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