Isn't it Lovely?
Japanese Title  愛おしいよね
(Itōshī Yone)
Episode Season Two
Episode 8
Airdate  February 23, 2012
Previous Episode And Then Hope Was None
Next Episode Got Vacation? Then Take It 2

Isn't it Lovely? is the eighth episode of the second season of Tantei Opera Milky Holmes.


After spending the night searching for Henriette, the girls discover that the Academy is being shut down and all its residents being transferred elsewhere except for Milky Holmes. As both Milky Holmes and the Gentleman Thieves start to lose their grip on reality from missing Henriette, Cordelia unleashes a strange power that traps everyone in an illusion. Kamaboko manages to get Stone River out of the illusion, who in turn gets help from Hercule to rescue everyone else. As the Gentlemen Thieves part ways, Milky Holmes decides to start up a new Holmes Detective Academy.

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