MH's Tragedy
Japanese Title  MHの悲劇
(MH no Higeki)
Episode Season One
Episode 9
Airdate  December 3, 2010
Previous Episode Bouncy Girl
Next Episode An Unsuitable Job for Milky Holmes

MH's Tragedy is the ninth episode of the first season of Tantei Opera Milky Holmes.


One night, Nezu is attacked, leaving behind a 'dying message' supposedly saying 'M.H.', which leads Milky Holmes to become murder suspects, with Henriette giving them until the next morning to prove themselves innocent. When Milky Holmes seek wisdom from a Ouija Board they found, a bright light shines and Cordelia, Nero and Elly are possessed by the spirits of their ancestors, Cordelia GrayNero Wolfe and Hercule Poirot, who were supposedly trapped within the Ouija board. However, their takes on their case aren't particularly helpful. Sherlock is then possessed by Sherlock Holmes, who identifies the culprit as Sherlock's kohai, Sonia. She attempts to escape but is stopped by Holmes and Rat, who had only been playing dead. The detectives soon take their leave, leaving behind a message for Milky Holmes saying their toys will return after a great trial, while Sonia is transferred to another academy.

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