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The Milky Holmes (ミルキィホームズ) franchise was turned into a voice-actress unit that was formed in 2010 to promote the four detectives even more.



The group is made of the four main seiyuu who cosplay the representative girls they cast for.

Character Seiyuu
Sherlock Shellingford Suzuko Mimori [三森 すずこ]
Nero Yuzurizaki Sora Tokui [徳井青空]
Cordelia Glauca Izumi Kitta [橘田 いずみ]
Hercule Barton Mikoi Sasaki [佐々木未来]

Participated Live EventsEdit

  • Animelo Summer 2012
  • Animelo Summer 2013
  • Animelo Summer 2014
  • Animelo Summer 2015
  • Animelo Summer 2016
  • Animelo Summer 2017
  • ANISAMA (Animelo Summer 2018)


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