Nice Sushi
Japanese  ナイスなすし
Romanji Naisu na Sushi
Episode Info
Air Date  January 12, 2012
Episode # Season Two, Episode 2
Previous Candidate for Veggies
Next The Strange Tales of Hakkei Island
Nice Sushi is the second episode of the second season of Tantei Opera Milky Holmes.


As Milky Holmes laments the loss of their farm, Hercule notices their Toys have returned, with the others oblivious to the fact. Hercule is later given a strange painting from her part-time job, which piques the interest of a wealthy man as it reminds him of his long lost wife, offering a large sum which Nero accepts. However, the wind blows it away, leading to a rampant chase throughout the town, with everyone besides Hercule oblivious of their use of Toys. The soon find the painting underneath a beached whale, which Hercule manages to lift off using her Toys, launching it into a pirate ship that held the man's long lost wife hostage. After eating some sushi, which Hercule forces Nero to use her money to pay for, the girls return home to learn from Henriette that the Holmes Detective Academy may be shutting down, the shock of which causes them to lose their Toys again. Hercule reminds the others of their duties as detectives and together they start thinking of a way to save the academy.

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