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Quiet Preparations
Japanese  コソコソと支度
Romanji Kosokoso to Shitaku
Episode Info
Air Date  February 2, 2012
Episode # Season Two, Episode 5
Previous The Slumbers of Milky Holmes
Next Weirdo on the Enoden Express

Quiet Preparations is the fifth episode of the second season of Tantei Opera Milky Holmes.


As reports come in of a flasher in the city, Milky Holmes encounters a girl named Coron from Osaka, who gets them to help her investigate the culprit. The girls come to suspect the Gentlemen Thieves and confront them with an odd method that ultimately fails, whilst Stone River comes at Hercule, suspecting her to be the flasher. Finding herself in a strange part of town, Hercule is targeted by a flasher but manages to knock her out, revealing her to be Coron, whose real name is Pō. Wanting to experience the freedom of being naked, the others decide to take her to a bathhouse, whilst G4 capture the true culprit.