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Sherlock Shellingford
Japanese シャーロック・シェリンフォード
Romanji Shārokku Sherinfōdo
Age 15
Gender Female
Birthday March 31
Hair Color Pink
Height 141cm
Weight 32kg
Bloodtype AB
Background Info
Eponym Sherlock Holmes
Occupation Detective
Group(s) Milky Holmes
Toy Telekinesis
Media Portrayals
First Appearance' Moving into the Attic (anime)
Voice Actor Suzuko Mimori

Sherlock Shellingford (シャーロック・シェリンフォード), nicknamed Sheryl (シャーロ), is one of the four main protagonists in Tantei Opera Milky Holmes. She is considered a bright and energetic leader of Milky Holmes.



Sherlock is an optimist who tries to stay out of fights most of the time. When in trouble, she usually tries to find a way out and encourages other members of the group to look at the bright side of things. Perhaps Sherlock is a happy-go-lucky type because admission to the great Holmes Detective Academy was her dream and she wants to make sure she doesn't lose a second of this opportunity.

When it comes to school life, she is quite useless without her Toy yet is one of the first to quickly accept the end of Milky Holmes' luxurious lifestyle after the accident. Sherlock is also shown to be as rather clumsy and disorganized yet she is very kind-hearted helping others or maybe completely oblivious to other people's bad intentions (a good example would be time where she swapped places with a princess for an entire day expecting her to return when she might not) which additionally gives her a tendency to land in awkward situations. She is open when it comes to showing affection with hugs and sweet nicknames (Kokoro-chan being one of them, much to Kokoro's annoyance). She and the Milky Holmes have a deep student-teacher relationship with Lady Henriette,but completely unaware that she is actually Lady Arsene in disguise grooming them and shocking them to get their Toys back.

During a fight against the Gentlemen Thieves, she is a quick thinker and is also referred to as the 'goddess of intuition' in the Visual Novel when searching for clues. This is a resemblance to her ancestor, Sherlock Holmes, and makes her a worthy opponent to Arsene, the leader of Gentlemen Thieves. As in the anime then depicts that after Sherlock and the Milky Holmes lost their powers, they were then completely incompetent and were no match for the Gentlemen Thieves ever since.

Sherlock's Toy is purely Telekinesis of pink energy allowing her to move objects with her mind but limited to lightweight objects and or materialize a translucent wall or beam has a means of attack or defense. Towards the end of season 1 of the anime, her telekinetic powers were enhanced to point of being able to lift a large chunk of the land along with her and the Milky Holmes team with Lady Arsene up and above earth's atmosphere.


  • During a flashback of Moriarty, Sherlock Holmes also has the same Telekinesis Toy as Sherlock Shellingford when he hunted evil Toy users.