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The Return of Milky Holmes
Japanese  ミルキィホームズの帰還
Romanji Mirukī Hōmuzu no Kikan
Episode Info
Air Date  December 24, 2010
Episode # Season One
Episode 12
Previous The Grand Yokohama Gorge of Fear
Next Farewell, Kokoro-chan. Long Goodbye Forever and Ever...

The Return of Milky Holmes is the twelfth episode of the first season of Tantei Opera Milky Holmes.


With their Toys returned, Milky Holmes battles against Arséne, who uses her illusion Toys at their full potential, producing tangible illusions, culminating in a battle in the outer atmosphere. However, after running into her cleavage, Sherlock realizes Arséne is actually Henriette, though they appear to forget this upon crashing back down to Earth. Arséne decides to retreat and 'return' Henriette. Milky Holmes are thanked for their rescue of Henriette, only to discover their Toys have also disappeared as a result of the impact. However, Henriette postpones their expulsion and refurbishes their attic room, where they soon introduced to a transfer student named Mori Arty.