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The Strange Tales of Hakkei Island
Japanese Title  ハッケイ島綺譚
(Hakkei-jima Kidan)
Episode Season Two
Episode 3
Airdate  January 19, 2012
Previous Episode Nice Sushi
Next Episode The Slumbers of Milky Holmes

The Strange Tales of Hakkei Island is the third episode of the second season of Tantei Opera Milky Holmes.


Milky Holmes decide to go explore the Hakkei Prison Island to find a way to save the academy, but they are captured and imprisoned on arrival. Meanwhile, Henriette and the Gentlemen Thieves have also infiltrated the island in search of a legendary treasure. After hearing about the treasure from an old man, Henriette, along with Milky Holmes, stage a breakout, but end up falling into traps by the prison guard. However, they manage to find their way out and soon find the treasure is a single flower which, when removed, reduces the prison into a pile of sea cucumbers, only to later realize they had released a bunch of criminals into the city.