Treasure Disc
Treasure Disc cover
Kanji トレジャー ・ディスク
Romanji Torejā disuku
Artist Elements Garden
Label Bushiroad Music
Release Date April 15, 2015
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Treasure Disc is an album produced by Elemets Garden featuring all the image songs from Tantei Kageki Milky Holmes TD. It was released by Bushiroad Music and released on April 15, 2015.

Track listingEdit

  2. Perfect Love! (パーフェクトラブ!)
  3. Essential! (エッセンシャル!)
  4. Milky Rock n' Roll (ミルキィろけんろー)
  5. Mitaiken World! (未体験ワールド!)
  6. To Ri Ko (ト・リ・コ)
  7. Neroro Ondo (NERORO☆おんど)
  8. Gindan Sanctuary (禁断サンクチュアリ)
  9. Lucky Full Throttle (ラッキー*フルスロットル)
  10. Heart Goes on! (ハートGoes on!)
  11. Kiseki no Uta (奇跡の歌)
  12. Ii Hi TD (いい日TD)
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