Tsugiko Zenigata
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Japanese 銭形 次子
Romanji Zenigata Tsugiko
Age 19
Gender Female
Birthday September 2
Hair Color Green
Height 170cm
Weight 55kg
Background Info
Eponym Zenigata Heiji
Occupation Policewoman
Group(s) Genius Four
Media Portrayals
Voice Actor Miyuki Sawashiro

Tsugiko Zenigata (銭形 次子 Zenigata Tsugiko) is one of the Genius Four members and the team's driving specialist.

Personality Edit

Tsugiko is a spunky girl.

Etymology Edit

  • The name Tsugiko means "next" (次) (tsugi) and "child" (子) (ko).
  • Tsugiko's surname Zenigata means "money" (銭) (zeni) and "form" (形) (gata).


  • Tsugiko like fortune-telling and cats.
  • Tsugiko is a sharpshooter with a revolver.
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