Weirdo on the Enoden Express
Japanese Title  エノ電急行変人事件
(Enoden Kyūkō Henjin Jiken)
Episode Season Two
Episode 6
Airdate  February 9, 2012
Previous Episode Quiet Preparations
Next Episode And Then Hope Was None

Weirdo on the Enoden Express is the sixth episode of the second season of Tantei Opera Milky Holmes.


As Milky Holmes encounter G4, who are searching on the Enoden Express train for a terrorist planning to bomb a statue, they decide to help look for the culprit after Kokoro is mysteriously knocked out. After a series of bizarre events, they discover the culprit is the conductor who is a fan of Kokoro and wanted to meet her. As the mystery behind Kokoro being knocked out is solved, Milky Holmes takes pride in their achievement until they accidentally blow up the statue themselves.

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