Y.H. Confused?
Japanese  Y.H. 混乱してらっしゃる?
Romanji Y.H. Konran Shiterassharu?)
Episode Info
Air Date  March 8, 2012
Episode # Season Two, Episode 10
Previous Got Vacation? Then Take It 2
Y.H. Confused? is the tenth episode of the second season of Tantei Opera Milky Holmes.


Mori tells Milky Holmes they may be able to regain their Toys by finding an artifact called Pandora's Pot underneath the ruins of Holmes Detective Academy. However, what they actually unleash are all the evil Toys that Sherlock Holmes had sealed away long ago. As Mori makes off with one of the Toys, the rest is absorbed by the lard obsessed Buta, who vows revenge against Milky Holmes from keeping him from his lard. Gaining incredibly power from the Toys, Buta starts to steal all the lard and fat in Yokohama, causing everyone to become all dried up and full of static electricity. G4 and the Gentlemen Thieves stand against Buta, but he uses a powerful Toys that turns everyone into no-good idiots. However, Milky Holmes are unaffected, since they are already idiots, so Buta uses all his lard to transform into a new form.

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